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Week picks #18

MIT Cities

The City Science Initiative at the MIT Media Lab is a unique network of research groups experienced in the design of technology and infrastructure, the analysis of big data, and the development of rigorous scientific theories. The City Science Initiative at the MIT Media Lab provides an interdisciplinary nexus where these research networks join to improve the design, livability and understanding of high performance urban environments.
Rather than separate systems by function - water, food, waste, transport, education, energy - we must consider them holistically. Instead of focusing only on access and distribution systems, our cities need dynamic, networked, self-regulating systems that take into account complex interactions. In short, to ensure a sustainable future society, we must deploy evolving technologies to create a nervous system for cities that maintains the stability of their government, energy, mobility, work, and public health networks.
Building on current work at the MIT Media Lab, City Science researchers will initially focus on the following project themes. Additional project themes will be added in response to the priorities of coporate members, MIT researchers, and the City Science advisory board. These six initial themes represent a cross section of the interdisciplinary research that will be undertaken to address the major challenges associated with global urbanization.
1. Urban analytics and modeling
2. Incentives and governance
3. Mobility networks
4. Places of living and work
5. Electronic and social networks
6. Energy networks


What is NLGN? Nine people producing reports and events from an office in London? Fifty organisations trying to improve public services? A unique forum for bringing together public and private sectors?
We’re all those things, but none of them really captures our fundamental mission, which is to bring together the best in our sector to create a brighter future for local government.
At NLGN our job is to help councils, private businesses, third sector organisations and anyone who has an interest in making local public services better and more sustainable to step back from the daily grind and look to the horizon.
The thing that makes us special is our network. We build real, meaningful relationships with our partners because that’s the only way we can deliver work that’s both imaginative and grounded.
Our research always aims to challenge without drifting off into impractical blue skies thinking. Much of our work is moving beyond the classic research and report template towards innovative new participative methodologies that bring the collective brainpower of our membership to bear.
Our deep engagement with the sector is also the source of our authority to challenge national policy. We‘re frequently called on to advise government on everything from city deals to neighbourhood community budgets.


URBANCONTEXT is an independent institute for urban and regional research in Berlin.
The institute is specialized in quantitative research into questions with practical and political relevance. The range of research covers economic evaluation of urban development and regional planning as well as quantifying subjectively perceived determinants of urban life quality. URBANCONTEXT aims to improve transfer of knowledge from academic research into political and planning practice. Current data and results are visually edited and presented transparently in order to be accessible to the public. Innovative methods of applied science are intended to take effect in politics and economics.
URBANCONTEXT is a project partner with members who are well established, connected and active in international economics. We are directly involved in processes of knowledge generation and our research represents a huge degree of critical reflection at the highest scientific level. You benefit from our direct access to the cutting-edge of research in urban economics.

Week picks series features some Fridays different initiatives and projects I found or want to highlight on this blog. It will help me to track new findings from community groups, startups or local governments working and delivering solutions relevant to the issues covered on this blog. I often bookmark them or save them on Tumblr while I wait to use them. Maybe this a good way.

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