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Book. Green cities of Europe

Timothy Beatley has edited a remarkable collection of essays depicting some of the most prominent examples of sustainable local policies in Europe (the usual suspects in most of the cases, but also other cities with even more complex urban systems such as London or Paris). Again, a look from the United States on the experience of European cities in delivering green policies, with contributions from professionals involved in these policies throughout the years:  Lucie Laurian (Paris), Dale Medearis and Wulf Daseking (Freiburg), Michaela Brüel (Copenhagen), Maria Jaakkola (Helsinki), Marta Moretti (Venice), Luis Andrés Orive and Rebeca Dios Lema (Vitoria-Gasteiz) and Camilla Ween (London).

Green cities of Europe can serve as an incomplete catalogue of leading cities in Europe (pioneers to some extent in the case of Freiburg, Vitoria-Gasteiz or Copenhagen, for instance) and their major achievements in terms of promoting sustainable patters in urbanism, a better metabolic approach on energy consumption, the integration of biodiversity actions, clear focus on urban spaces as catalysers of social activity and emotional ownership  or robust public transportation systems, among other green urban strategies. The success and sometimes visionary work of these cities has become an inspiration for other cities pursuing innovative actions to commit to sustainable strategies in their policies in what appears to be a proposition for the European Dream for US cities. As such, this directory of seven stories provide readers with practices in different urban policy fields that illustrate how long can decisive local authorities go on their own.

Chapter 1. Introduction: Why Study European Cities?
Timothy Beatley

Chapter 2. Paris, France: A 21st-Century Eco-City
Lucie Laurian

Chapter 3. Freiburg, Germany: Germany’s Eco-Capital
Dale Medearis and Wulf Daseking

Chapter 4. Copenhagen, Denmark: Green City amid the Finger Metropolis
Michaela Brüel

Chapter 5. Helsinki, Finland: Greenness and Urban Form
Maria Jaakkola

Chapter 6. Venice, Italy: Balancing Antiquity and Sustainability
Marta Moretti

Chapter 7. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain: From Urban Greenbelt to Regional Green Infrastructure
Luis Andrés Orive and Rebeca Dios Lema

Chapter 8. London, England: A Global and Sustainable Capital City
Camilla Ween

Chapter 9. Conclusion: Green Cities of Europe as Compelling Models
Timothy Beatley

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