viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Week picks #8


Everyday a new interactive city tool pops up and reaches you through the web, mobile devices or sensors in the city. These city platforms promise to provide you a more transparent governance, a greener future, more efficient mobility, better connected citizens or higher living quality.
Is this really the case?
Which one of these platforms actually make a real change?
We invite you to the Majority Report to puzzle over interactive city tools. Which platform are you using really effectively? Do you have a story of an interactive city tool which caused a change in your life? Would you mind giving your feedback in a public event?


Collaborative Cities is a documentary about people from vibrant cities across Europe and North America sharing resources, knowledge, skills, facilities and amazing experiences.
These people are rebuilding the education, agriculture, transportation, housing, and financial sectors. They are reinventing the world we live in. We want to tell their stories.


LLGA|Cities Pilot the Future: Global Cities invite urban&social innovators to pilot their solutions. Submit now!
The call identifies cities needs and presents opportunities to solution providers so that urban and social innovation can be piloted, implemented and shared more efficiently.  The solutions that best meet the cities’ needs win the chance to pilot their innovation in a real environment.
The program follows a step-by-step process:
Call: Cities present opportunities for innovations to improve the lives of their citizens.
Submit: Solution providers present their innovations for evaluation by cities
Connect: Cities select the most promising solution providers to meet for 3 days in Sand Francisco
Pilot: The best 30 solutions are piloted in real life in 30 cities
Transform: Cities exchange results, make better investments and improve lives. Solution providers validate their products and enter new markets.

Week picks series features every Friday some initiatives and projects I found or want to highlight on this blog. It will help me to track new findings from community groups, startups or local governments working and delivering solutions relevant to the issues of this blog. I often bookmark them or save them on Tumblr while I wait to use them. Maybe this a good way.

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