viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

Week picks #6


Changing Spaces is an artist-run project that negotiates the use of empty commercial property as a resource for exhibitions and creative development.  To date  over 200 artists have exhibited in properties administered by Changing Spaces.  This includes shop window exhibitions and pop up galleries.

Changing Spaces is a platform for artists to become part of the city’s creative culture. The Changing Spaces team endeavour to offer a unique opportunity for contemporary artists to present and sell their work, develop their careers, and become part of the visual artistic output of Cambridge.  This applies to art students and emerging artists, as well as to established practitioners.


The OpenLab Network is a new research initiative which targets a complex education issue of national significance regarding the ability of art and science researchers to collaborate on research endeavors. The goal of the OpenLab Network is to help change the current status by providing shared research facilities and create a network for collaborative discourse fueled by academic communities, arts and science communities, and industry.

The OpenLab Network project is pursuing the physical development of new collaborative laboratories on campus as spaces to foster this research and establish an on-line social networking system for faculty and students to create projects. Laboratories and studios in both the arts and the sciences will be accessible to users in the OpenLab Network. Within this immersive environment, we will conduct research to acquire skills and knowledge that crosses disciplinary boundaries between science, education, and the arts while sharing expertise in collaborative research methodologies.


From June 15 through July 29, 2012, the BMW Guggenheim Lab Berlin offered thirty-three days of free programs, including workshops, screenings, and tours, and implemented urban projects in Berlin neighborhoods and online—all centered around the topic of life in cities today. This glossary collects 100 of the most talked-about trends in urban thinking, all of which played a role during the Lab’s stay in the German capital. The compilation of these terms creates a new resource for understanding the way people relate to and live in cities and is intended to advance the concept of the city as a catalyst for ideas. What do people talk about when they discuss the future of cities today? Download the glossary here and find out.
100 Urban Trends: A Glossary of Ideas from the BMW Guggenheim Lab Berlin was developed by Maria Nicanor, Curator, BMW Guggenheim Lab, and Amara Antilla, Curatorial Assistant, BMW Guggenheim Lab.

Week picks series features every Friday some initiatives and projects I found or want to highlight on this blog. It will help me to track new findings from community groups, startups or local governments working and delivering solutions relevant to the issues of this blog. I often bookmark them or save them on Tumblr while I wait to use them. Maybe this a good way.

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