martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

A selection of 75 videos about cities and urban policies

I wrote a few days ago about the seminar Rethinking urban policy 30 years later and what I am preparing for my presentation. One of these things has to do with the organization of a discussion session using audiovisual materials as an excuse to review the central issues in current urban policies.

We have now completed the selection of videos that will be finally used in the session. It has been necessary to review a large number of very different types of works, choosing the final ones that best fit the structure of the seminar. This settling  process has left a huge list of videos I want to share here because, although we will use in the course around 20 videos, many others are of great interest, too.
They vary in focus and perspective, but together (and disordered) compose a good database of videos that are circulating out there and deal with many of the issues urban policies face nowadays.
Public spaces
Colaborative urban narratives
Digital cities
Urban economy
Urban planning
Quality of urban life
Urban mobility
It is just a selection, not the definite list of must-view videos
Image from The Commons en Flickr.

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