viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Week picks #17


Europan has decided to make the concept of adaptable city the theme of the Europan 12 session, to be launched in 2013.

Definition: adaptability is the quality of a space that can be easily modified in harmony with the changes to which its use is subject or may be subject.

Europe’s cities are engaged in a radical transformation: they need urgently to reduce their ecological footprint to help resolve the energy crisis, combat the greenhouse effect and preserve nonrenewable resources. This transformation applies both to their morphology (form) and their metabolism (including all energy expenditure), and is highly dependent on the ways of living they provide. To achieve this, all these changes have to be thought out quickly, and that is why Europan 12 proposes to explore the question of time with a view to making the city more adaptable.

 This entails, for example, providing new ways of sharing collective space and methods of governance. This requires a chronotypical approach, blending the spatial and temporal dimensions and, for example, establishing temporary projects for spaces. This also means developing a sensitive form of urban planning, where different places can be used at different times, and rethinking the quality of the spaces from that perspective. This raises the question of the “hospitality” of urban spaces and their transparency for users of the city. It is also important to think about intensive development projects, to connect them better with the realities of today’s city. It is also about considering the multiple uses the city, and in particular the question of the sharing and recycling of buildings, to avoid excessive consumption of space and thereby to promote a sustainable city by exploiting time in its full range.


miLES opens underused storefronts to new possibilities, with classes, events, co-working, and short-term space rentals. We work with residents, artists, businesses and landlords in the Lower East Side to identify, program and fill underused spaces and turn them into vibrant community hubs for working, learning, connecting, and starting up new projects.

By helping to open up underused storefronts to events, classes, co-working, and “pop-up” activations, miLES hopes to create vibrant community spaces, offer a temporary home for emerging projects, and provide inclusive economic opportunities for the neighborhood.

TEMPORIUSO is an association to promote temporary reuse projects in abandoned spaces and also a network of local and international partnerships with associations, activists and researchers. In recent years we have started local workshops, international seminars, lectures, guided tours, events, public meetings, calls for applications with Universities, Art Academies, Research Institutes, Architecture offices, cultural associations, stylists, designers and artists.

TEMPO RIUSO aims to proclaim competitions for ideas on temporary re-use, to start-up and manage temporary use of land and buildings, to create a database where supply and demand of temporary re-use can meet, to implement a management model of temporary re-use through an Information Point.

Temporary re-use practices could become a part of the public policy agenda of Milan and its metropolitan area, where projects in temporarily allocated land are subsidiary to, and not substitutive of, permanent services to the community. Temporary land is allocated with a loan-for-use formula, or at a price-controlled rent, to non-profit organizations or low income subjects for the start-up of micro businesses and the development of social and cultural projects. Projects in temporary spaces entail the involvement of local actors and the relevant public activities.

Week picks series features every Friday some initiatives and projects I found or want to highlight on this blog. It will help me to track new findings from community groups, startups or local governments working and delivering solutions relevant to the issues of this blog. I often bookmark them or save them on Tumblr while I wait to use them. Maybe this a good way.

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