jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

30 thought-provoking picks on smart cities beyond the hype

If you are tired of the same celebratory songs, the same techno-optimistic keynotes or the same narrow vision of smart cities, maybe you can try this list. It is not a comprehensive attempt of any single article I found during the last years, but a selection of some readings that helped me to have a broader perspective on trying to understand when this buzz started, what is on it of value for citizens´ lives and how to discern the different points of view about the role of technology in urban life. Many others are missing, particularly my list of academic papers and books on the topic (I will share it next weeks), but it contains the main arguments to downsize the euphoria, the main urban issues that should be included in the smart city equation and the names of people I try to keep an eye on.

All of them were an inspiration for my post on the topic:

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