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A compilation of resources on smart cities

I have just completed a series of posts about the smart city reviewing the most significant elements: the conceptual confusion between its energy and environmental management approach and issues related to digitalapps and data, the role big companies are playing to market their urban technological solutions, new urban developments that are self-proclaimed smart city, the ability of these strategies to promote local technological systems and, finally, their social and political implications.
Smart City. Tecnologías emergentes para el funcionamiento urbano

As smart cities are gaining great attention lately, I have compiled different sources of information I have used lately and here you can find a list of links of resources you may find interesting. Of course, it is impossible to have a fully comprehensive catalogue, so other resources could be included. Feel free to suggest others.
General approach
Some general approaches and views on the issue, mainly from non-specialist media on urban issues, presenting the relationship of global urbanization and the need for new solutions to urban management challenges. This includes special reports from well-known global newspapers as well as other contributions from experts on urban issues.

This list covers more reflective essays exploring conceptual aspects of the different elements linked to smart cities. Most of them are a good way to understand in more detail some aspects and include more links to explore about adjacent topics.

Critical views
The series about smart cities I wrote these weeks tried to identify some challenges and you can find here some experts on urban issues positioning and exploring critically what smart cities may involve.

Examples of urban developments and initiatives
An incomplete list of urban projects and cases that are using technological design applied to urban development and/or present themselves or are rated as smart city. This list is growing everyday as smart city concept is gaining great attention; I have just included examples that have become "classic", generated buzz or, in my case, are located in Spain.

Technology transfer
The concept of smart city is facilitating the creation of centers dedicated to transfer of knowledge from industry to cities and urban services, expected to serving as catalysts for generating new solutions and the introduction of new applications while boosting local industrial systems.

It is well known some companies are exploiting heavily the smart city concept as a marketing strategy and competitive positioning. Here you can access to their flagship websites or most prominent initiatives.

Urban solutions for smart services
A very small selection which serves as a first approximation in which you can find some solutions and examples both from the field of energy management and intelligent management of information and the digital side of urban life. Here the list should be larger, considering that smart cities is a cross-sectoral concept with applications  in different urban services

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